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  • York Chiller Plant, Sheraton
    York Chiller Plant, Sheraton
  • Hoisting Chiller Plant, QEH
    Hoisting Chiller Plant, QEH

IAQ Solutions Inc. specializes in Chilled Water Systems Air Conditioning, Building Management Control Systems (BMS), Industrial & Server Room Air Conditioning & Ventilation Systems, Indoor Air Quality products including our Photo Activated surfaces anti-microbial treatment for cooling coils, testing and analysis, Trane TVR II VRF/VRV AC systems. We are Solutions oriented.

This niche of the Air Conditioning Industry is not adequately serviced locally, especially in the specific area of Chilled Water System, Indoor Air Quality and Server Room systems. With larger Air Conditioning plants and high occupancy of zones served by common Air Systems, design, installation and service must work in harmony. IAQ Solutions Inc. offers to the local and regional HVAC Industry the expertise, technology and motivated personnel to ensure the delivery and maintenance of human comfort levels and healthy indoor environment.

Even with increasing public awareness of environmental issues, when “air quality” is mentioned, most people automatically think of the air they breathe while outdoors. Few actually consider the importance of the air we breathe while indoors – in the places we spend most of our lives – whether it’s at home, school, work, or even at the store.

IAQ Solutions Inc understands that clean indoor air is not something to take for granted. We offer a wide variety of solutions for both residential and commercial properties, and a level of expertise and professional service that is second to none.