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Features & Benefits

In mission sensitive facilities such as highly-populated warehouses or research labs containing delicate materials, quality air filtration is paramount. NFT’s specially-designed filtration systems are extremely beneficial to facilities in various aspects.


  • Increased system efficiency from clean components
  • Increase system life
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Lower housekeeping costs
  • Avoidance of product failure
  • Lower energy costs
  • Lower health risks and costs
  • Increased productivity and reduced absenteeism
  • Avoiding efficiency losses from the insulating effect of dirt build-up on heat transfer surfaces — HVAC coils


  • Protect mechanical equipment such as heat exchanger coils
  • Protect systems such as air distribution ductwork, outlets and porous
  • components
  • Augment ventilation air through treatment of the return air
  • Protect occupants from contamination exposure
  • Protect occupied space such as wall and ceiling surfaces
  • Protect processes such as pharmaceuticals and electronic chip fabrication
  • Provide clean makeup air to use as high quality dilution air
  • Protect environment from contaminated exhaust
  • Provide source control to avoid entry into the return public air

Low Energy Air Filtration

  • New super-high-surface-area winged fiber media.
  • Bicomponent – polypropylene and polylactic acid spunbond nonwoven fabric with charge stabilizers.
  • Patents have been approved and issued.
  • 75% less pressure resistance and 40% greater dust holding capacity

Technology Winged Fiber Media Product Description
  • Standard bicomponent spunbond technology
  • Polypropylene and polylactic acid
  • Hydroentangled and washed with Caustic Soda
  • Electrostatically charged
Winged Fiber Media Testing Procedures
  • Test Equipment: TSI 8310 & TSI 3160
  • Challenging Aerosol: NaCl – 0.3um
  • Sample Area – 100cm2
  • All measurements – per roll testing
  • Flow Rate: 32LPM / 5.3cm/sec
Winged Fiber Media Laminated Product Description
  • Polypropylene Winged Fiber media
  • Polypropylene meltblown media
  • Polypropylene single component spunbond (scrim)
  • Roller tension lamination of the three medias
65GSM Winged Fiber + 20GSM Meltblown + 65GSM Scrim – Product
  • Efficiency – 99.99% (+ 0.009%)
  • Resistance – 7.5mm Aq (+/- 0.5mm)
  • Flow Rate – 32lpm / 5.3cm/sec
  • Thickness – 0.78mm